Itemagically The Engine

A point-and-click adventure engine for Haxe and

Itemagically is a framework for writing old-school point-and-click video games for the game library based on the Haxe cross-platform language toolkit. It features a fairly powerful system of scripting and animation built right into a JSON-based adventure definition file so that even a complicated point-and-click adventure could be implemented with a minimum of code.

About Development

Current Status


Rough but mostly working. We're still working on the tooling and getting things working smoothly to minimize the amount of complexity and overhead needed to make new games.

Development Plans

  • Make accessable to non-programmers.
  • Make building clean and cross-platform.
  • Support both Hashlink (crossplatform native VM supported by haxe) and Javascript targets.
  • Provide some tooling for building the data packages.
  • Clean up and complete the adventure definition system, including cut scenes, cursor customization, menu system, etc.
  • Provide an example game and documentation about the adventure definition file.
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