About Aldercone

Aldercone Studio is a diverse group of folks adding our voices to video games and other artistic media!

We are a diverse group of creatives whose intesections include being Indigenous, chronically ill, disabled, and so on. We are an all-neurodivergent team and we embrace our unique perspectives. We are working on video games, TTRPGs, music, visual art, pod casts, card games, and other creative works.

Important Links and Supporting Us

You can help us by giving to our Buy me a Coffee, our Patreon, buying our games and other things on Itch, and by watching and contributing to our Twitch streams. All resources we get are shared equitably with the team, and we all benefit from the ongoing project that is Aldercone.

We plan on many things to come, such as releasing more libraries and tools free, continuing our game work, building interesting pre-made RPG adventures (and working on our RPG system), card games, getting our music out there, lots more streams, podcasts, and more!

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Our team

Evel Brute (Director; Producer; Gameplay Designer; Visual Designer) [they/them/their/themselves]

Evel is an autistic/ADHD and disabled Indigenous (Chicanx) dog trainer of color. They homeschool their kids and are passionate about community building, disability rights, and hiking.

They perfrom the very important duty of keeping all of Aldercone on track with a planning system of their own devising, with plenty of breaks and outdoor time, in addition to acting as producer and being heavily involved in design work across our various projects.

They want to leave the world a better place for folks like themselves, and Aldercone is one way of doing this beyond their local community. They are usually very tired.


Cassowary (Programmer; Muscian; Technical Services) [they/them]

Cassowary is an old programmer who also does music. They are mostly Slavic and Celtic; in other words, they're our token white person!

They program in a variety of languages and enjoy making weird outsider art and music that makes their brain feel nice. They do most of the code for our various projects and are responsible for our toolchains and technology choices.

They also know how to run services so they run services and make websites.

Currently, they are developing their musical voice, and will occasionally be found streaming programming and musical creation to our twitch!


Feline Phoenix (Writer; Game Historian; Pixel Artist; Game Designer) [they/them]

FePho has a lifetime interest in both writing and games and knows a lot about both. They are Chicanx/Slavic/Celtic.

They are a published playwright, are endlessly amused by history, and enjoy writing and gaming with their kitty by their side.

LupƩ (Game Tester; Gameplay Designer; Art Director) [they/them]

(Chicanx, Celtic and Slavic)

LupƩ is curious, a broad creative thinker, and skilled puppeteer. Their passion is building and imagining new worlds that surprise and delight the entire team. Their interests range from pottery to animatronics to wildlife rescue.

LupƩ is the creator behind our Sims Werewolf Wednesday and Skyrim Caturday streams, which will become weekly features on our Twitch!