The Seven Ravens

An In-Development Murder Mystery TTRPG with a Twist!

Nothing particularly strange has ever happened to you, yet something has always pulled you away from this life. Something different. These other folks, well you know that they have this same feeling. Who are these strangers and what are the mysteries behind this sudden kinship? Will it bring you the comfort and answers you've always known you needed to seek out, or will it bring something else entirely...

Game Info

  • rules light, heavy roleplaying
  • highly collaborative storytelling with a Storyteller as opposed to a GM
  • can be heavily comedic or incredibly serious, and definitely a mix of both
  • at least 2 players and as many as the Storyteller can manage
  • several hours of prep potentially needed by Storyteller, but usable examples will be included to make the runup faster
  • about 2 hours of prep needed by players

Content Warnings

Death, murder, and whatever the Storyteller and players agree to.

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Work In Progress
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The Seven Ravens