Cayenne MacKormik: Space Insurance Adjuster

ANSI-aesthetic Space Insurance Investigation and adjustment

Cayenne MacKormik is a freelance Space Insurance Adjuster for ConGlom Intersteller. Help them investigate space disasters and find enough evidence to determine what happened, and who has to pay for it.

About Development

Cayenne MacKormik: Space Insurance Adjuster follows the aesthetic tradition of classic Rogue-like games such as Rogue, Nethack and similar, and is highly inspired by these games. While the maps are fixed, the conditions and situations, along with the mystery in the ships is generated and meant to vary between playthroughs. It is currently a work in progress, originally started for the DosGameJam 2020, and continued in the 2021 edition, and development is ongoing.

There is a tech demo available currently, which does not have full game-play implemented.

Start Year
Tech Demo, expansion in progress
Windows, Linux
dgame with homegrown ANSI engine
Tech Demo